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Welcome to DYLOG

DYLOG  SUPPLIES PRIVATE LIMITED is  project partner in establishing  Telecom, IT Services, Engineering  and Renewable Energy infrastructure. DYLOG as an enabler in the client project value chain brings  in objectivity and deliverance through practical program management.

The dynamic market has created unique opportunities for businesses to move quickly and decisively where emerging businesses have to manage competitive edge. DYLOG works with traditional and next-generation  engineering & technology  companies, offering a balanced blend of project and technology services.


DYLOG has a well-designed operating organizational framework which provides a clear and consistent blueprint for how resources are organized and operated to achieve strategic objectives. DYLOG’s structured approach to management brings finesse to the decision-making process. Decision Support  System drives faster decisions, more productive engagements and efficient execution.At DYLOG we believe that it is impossible to achieve great performance without great people. Deploying our most promising people more effectively in critical decision areas reduces risk associated with deliverance. Work environment at DYLOG helps create dynamic performance opportunities with a focus on what really matters to the business.


We are committed to develop Quality conscious, Environment valuing and Safety oriented workforce with a sense of pride in the Organization which will lead us towards being the best in the industry and working in harmony to live a sustainable world for the future generation.

QUALITY : It is the established Policy of DYLOG to control the services delivered to clients through an effective and efficient Quality Management System that is process driven and customer focused to ensure the needs and expectations of clients are identified, understood and agreed.

HSE: It is the policy of DYLOG to ensure that all work is carried out according to established norms of health, safety and working environment for employees and visitors. We are committed to deliver our service to the customers in a continually improving environment and work culture. DYLOG operates through an effective HSE system which addresses the quality of processes, concern to the associated environmental aspects and the occupational health and safety of the personnel involved, thereby creating superior value to all its customers.

Corporate Governance

DYLOG advocates an effective corporate governance framework to protect the rights and interests of shareholders, strengthen the powers of the Board of Directors, fulfill the Corporate Governance function , respect the rights and interests of stakeholders. Operating with ethical corporate management is a best practice principle that helps fulfill DYLOG’s social responsibility. DYLOG also expects to realize sustainable management and improve business performance through a comprehensive management system.
We believe in corporate governance to ensure that companies operate in a fair, equitable and appropriate manner for the benefit of all stakeholders. To do so means to establish a set of internal policies, rules and procedures that cover topics from pay and benefits to financial reporting and everything in between. We at DYLOG believe that in a free-market business culture, corporate governance practices can bring stability to markets, strengthen institutions, promote investment and weaken corruption.

DYLOG believes following the best practices that many large businesses have established through corporate governance, DYLOG as a business can set out on the path to streamlined and accountable operations. It’s also a great way to set precedents for future employees and investors and prepare for growth.